These shops are the reason why I cannot lose weight in France. Pain is my pain haha! (Pain is French for bread…)

I love chocolatines, croissants, baguettes and anything that is buttery and airy and filled with good ole carbs.

And they can be found at EVERY street corner. Reasonably priced….(baguette: 30-90cents/croissants 50-85cents etc)

I shall just enjoy it and try not to go crazy…if the French can eat and remain slim I have hope!

Waiting for our friends to arrive…

The lac! V suaku but I thought the lake would be less sandy; this is like a beach!

Enjoying herself! She loves water! This is a girl who used to scream when it was bath time because she hated washing her hair…

Jiejie wait for me!!

Toot fringe courtesy of mama 😭


The other children! There was a dead fish floating in the water…😱🐠

I think digging holes and pouring water is pretty much what every kid does at the beach! I used to do it too, did you?

Sandcastles! The only one patient enough to build sandcastles amongst the lot!

Sun, sand and sea…this is the life! Forgot to take pictures of our picnic because I was too busy eating…next time!

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