It's been lazy days around here so far! The girls wake up at 8ish, have breakfast, read some books, scoot and cycle in the small compound, eat lunch, nua a little, try to nap, wake up for some tv time, have dinner, play then wash up, read again then sleep! It's lots of fun to be a kid during holidays, although I feel bad that I can't bring them to the beach/park/amusement park etc because didi has to feed every 2 hours and it's such a hassle….

But tomorrow we have an outing to cazaux lake with other Sgporeans and I hope they'll have lots and lots of fun! I must make an effort to provide more play dates for them so that they can socialize and interact more; sometimes I'm so caught up in everyday details that I forget to live a little….

So here's to a more meaningful summer, instead of just nursing/washing/cooking/tidying up for me!

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