The brazilians must feel really shitty today. Watched the match yesterday and they fell apart right from the beginning! Why lydat?
I wonder how tonight's match will be…
The Germans seem invincible at this point of time!

Sent the younger one to her crèche and the Queen is so bored without her sister! Think it's the first time she's home with just me and super pooper!

Prior to no3's arrival she had special time with me on Wednesdays but its now "ok you do your own thing let me nurse/change/carry didi" or "didi is sleeping lemme prepare meals"…

But she's happily cycling outside so I'm very grateful for the good weather! And as long as we connect at times that is good right?

Feeling the love now cos my daughter went for her first play date with her classmate! I should have agreed when she asked last Christmas but I was so nua then (not to mention pregnant and slow as a snail).

The house is beautiful!! A little messy because they're packing and letting it out for summer, but it's big and airy and has a pool! I'm sad that she won't be able to go more often and learn more French, but at least they'll be classmates next year!!!! #dayre please please let us hyperlink stuff or at least copy and paste so that we can share cool videos/websites!

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