Hmm, so far so good. A little fighting, a tad more crying and a very short jaunt to the supermarket!

Enjoying themselves after the world's fastest supermarket shopping. I only bought bread and cheese! Super efficient.

Ok moment to celebrate- all 3 kids sleeping at the same time!

It lasted for 10 minutes before the youngest woke up. Nevermind it's the start of something beautiful…


Super pooper is 2 months old today! He cried lots in the car, fell asleep when we came home after drinking milk, pooped twice (hence his name) and is now in a very good mood!

923pm and we're all ready for bed! Thank God the Husband came home early so we could chopchop curry pok eat our dinner and finish our chores…

When we were dating we used to go out for meals and chat till late at night (ok lah latest is about 1 cos I have to be at work by 7!) Now that we're married with kids I get super kancheong if I'm not in bed by 1030…人老了!

Someday we'll go out for late night dates again!!

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