The Queen took this picture of her didi

Next she took a blurry picture of her sister…

Isn't it interesting how they can take pictures of each other?

All the same I'm not going to hand over my phone to them haha

The summer holidays begin tomorrow…I'm going to have 3 children with me 24/7 for 2 whole months!!

God give me the strength …

Just finished the men's fellowship at our house with David the American missionary from Spain. It's really a labour of love for him, especially when he has to travel 3-4hrs by train, barring any delays.
I was quite reluctant to have it at our place because its quite small and messy. Thank God everyone was v easy going and gracious, and we had Henry and Su as childminders!
Hope the neighbors don't give us dirty looks tomorrow cos the kids were making a ruckus outside!


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