At the Queen's school. She's wearing an outfit that her Ahma bought so must take a photo to send to her…*good daughter inlaw mode*

It's very bling bling and a little too much for me but as long as she doesn't mind wearing it ill just close one eye!

Feeling very meh. I have a super clingy baby. And it leaves me short tempered with no2, which isn't really her fault


I saw this somewhere and it's sooooo true. A tidy/clean house with kids? Forget about it…unless u have a helper and/or super well trained kids.

We do ask them to keep their toys, but they just have too many…and they keep playing with it so its really pointless to keep them 3 times a day!

Must keep calm and train slowly; someday, my house will be neat again!!

This clingy super pooper…so gassy and fussy but when we went out to send his da jie for chinese class he concussed in the carseat and looked so innocent and cute.

HAI! 很会做人

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