Rare moment when all 3 are asleep!! Maybe I just have to wake up early more often to experience this…

Shall stop wasting my time and start on my chores! Yay gogogo!

Went for a walk today with the girls and super pooper! I wanted to expend their energy because being stuck at home with 3 under 5s is no joke, especially if they turn cranky….

Sadly the older one threw a tantrum at the playground…she wanted a turn on the tortoise thingy and her younger sister kept saying no so she just started crying and shouting "my turn! My turn!" repeatedly.
Got her to stand next to me because I was nursing didi and she kept crying and shouting. I think it took her at least 15 mins to calm down…sigh she really takes after me in temperament πŸ˜“
I bet the other adults in the park were super irritated with her wails.

Thankfully, after she calmed down she was all smiles again and the 2 of them played happily and TOOK TURNS!

Then it was super pooper's turn to fuss and we had to go home…halfway he spit up in his stroller and I had to carry him, and the older one helped me to push the stroller back, which was really sweet of her. The Princess helped too, but she lost interest when she couldn't maneuver it…

I will remember the good and forget the bad

I'm going to cultivate this positive attitude towards life! It's such a waste of brain capacity to remember all the slights, hurts and shortcomings of others, especially when my brain has been short circuited by motherhood! So instead of dwelling on the bad, focus on the goodness of life.

Random photo! Super pooper likes to sleep on me…to be honest I like it too because they have such a lovely baby smell and they're so warm and cuddly πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’š

And of course when he sleeps on me it's an excuse to nua in bed too hahaha!

Hahaha! Saw this on my Facebook feed and think its super funny! It's about the 5 love languages but with an Asian twist!

This is quite true of my family! After a certain age, my parents stopped saying "I love you" to us (hmm come to think of it I can't remember if they explicitly said it to me ever haha!)

Of course it works both ways…when they left for their tour it felt weird to thank them for coming etc 😳 guess we're really Asian that way, more actions than words!

If you want to read more here's the URL http://m.psychologytoday.com/blog/minority-report/201406/the-5-asian-love-languages

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