First time cooking in a long time…made something simple- chicken radish soup!

The chicken was really hard to dismember though…I need an anatomy class to chop through properly! It always looks so hacked up oops.

So anyway, first day without the MIL and I was tired by 10am🐷🐷. I'm no energizer 🐰 like her…no wonder can't move all the extra pounds haha!

Random shit (literally!) that the Husband sent to me while he was waiting for his plane…but it IS really quite informative!

Too bad #dayre can't hyperlink and open urls! Would be a useful feature definitely!

Yay my iherb order has shipped!! Wonder how long it will take to reach this ulu part of France? Hope it can fit inside my mailbox cos I have difficulty collecting parcels here (don't know the language!)

When I first arrived, I was burning with zeal to master French and live like a native. Now it's a tepid meh. I love this place, but the language is awfully hard to grasp!! Listening is ok (somewhat), but when I start to speak I gabra like zebra. Hai.

Now with super pooper, Lagi worse!!

(Not that super pooper is making me regress, just that with him around my energies are primarily focused on him.)

Anyway, I'm really thankful for my parents! They've really stepped up and helped loads! I think they probably didn't spend so much time looking after my brothers and I haha! Grandparents-grandchildren relationship is really different!

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