It's my MIL's last day with us today… She'll be off tomorrow early morning and we won't see her again till December…


Hmm I just found out that Brandon Sanderson, my latest favorite Sci-fi/fantasy author, is a Mormon just like my other all time fav Orson Scott Card. Why huh? Does being a Mormon help you write good science fiction? Or do scifi writers gravitate towards Mormonism?

It's a quiet Monday so far. The Husband brought no1&2, my MIL and my dad out for a jaunt in Bordeaux. They were supposed to do touristy things but I think the love for supermarket shopping won and they went to buy things instead….

UNESCO heritage site 0, hypermarche 1!

I think it's a Singaporean thing, to love browsing supermarkets haha! Ok and the fact that it's super hot vs air conditioning indoors. Hmm.

Since I cannot sleep, I shall do online shopping….

And my usual website is #auntydom! Very happy to find yummibears available there since the 2 girls like to eat them!!!

If you're new to #iherb, use my #referral #discount code QAW288 for 5USD off your first purchase! It's free international shipping till 30june so quite worth it!

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