The Queen had her ballet performance yesterday! Here she is in her white costume for the 1st performance…she looked so shy and withdrawn I thought "Akamak, sure cannot dance lah…"

But she was AWESOME!! They had 2 items and for the first one she came out first and she was calm and poised (very serious looking) and she didn't have stage fright and did all the steps! (Ok they had to look at the teacher in the wings but it was still good!)

So yes, a super duper proud moment for all of us! Yay!!!

Here she is sitting down nicely while the rest of the other ballerinas come out. We were waving madly at her (I choped seats in the 3rd row) but she was all professionally and just looked at us haha!

One thing I like about this dance school is that everyone gets to perform! It's a very feel good atmosphere and everyone claps for the items, even if they're not g professional!

Ok last photo of my cute ballerina…I've always wanted to go for dance classes but my mom wouldn't let me (plus I'm not v physically coordinated so I think I wld look weird dancing!)

Now I have a daughter to fulfill my dreams muahaha. (Dont worry she DOES like it…not being forced
against her will)

Anyway, I posted this photo on Instagram and got weird comments from an ex acquaintance…I feel exasperated and sorry for her at the same time.

Ok this is how I feel when I get insulted but I'm supposed to be old enough to be mature and shrug it off.

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