It was an okay night, and it's bright and sunny now, so I am happy and chirpy and optimistic!

Let's hope it lasts for at least an hour haha!

Usually when I'm sleepy and tired, the Husband says I have a GLARE that shoots daggers and impales everyone. Eyes are really expressive aren't they? 2 slits with irises and whites, they can convey a host of meaning with a tilt, a squint or a widening.

Hmm I think I didn't sleep as much as I need to because I'm not very coherent.

Suddenly I feel inspired to review books again! Have been reading quite a bit again because of the marathon nursing sessions…

Shall go search for the cover of my latest read to post!

Ok first #bookreview! This is Mistborn – The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. It's a mix of the fantasy and science fiction genre with a dystopian setting.

So anyway, the protagonist is a 16yr old girl named Vim who is a thief and belongs to the lowest caste in society. She has a super power and meets a charismatic man who recruits her to join his crew to overthrow the Lord Ruler, a tyrant who oppresses the masses.

I enjoyed reading this very much because the setting was very detailed!

Also I'm a sucker for strong female characters; the world needs more heroines! Lastly, I think the different characters are nicely fleshed out and you do find yourself rooting for them to succeed.

This book is part of the #Mistborn series, and if you like #Hungergames or the very lousy #divergent trilogy (a story for another day) series this will be right up your alley!

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