I want to talk about Breastfeeding but I don't want to show boobs so here's a picture from the Internet instead!

Woke up trice (looks so weird compared to twice!) to feed super pooper and started thinking about our struggles in this Breastfeeding gig.

Super Pooper/Munchkin/Baby I is a lousy boob drinker. Why do I say that? I latched him on from day 1 constantly (it was the only way to calm him during the mandatory 2hr skintoskin session) and he initially seemed ok.

He pooped like 6 times on day 1 (hence the super pooper moniker) and I was very happy because in order to have output you need input right??

Then day2 came and it hurt slightly feeding him (my nipples were sore)so the nurses said to squeeze out colostrum for him to lick. This was a revelation for me because NO ONE told me this would work for no1&2 and I fed them despite the pain.

My milk came in on day3 and I was ecstatic because it was the fastest amongst the 3!

(The Queen had to wait for 5 days before drinking milk and the Princess for 4…and I didn't give them formula at all.)

So anyway, there was all this milk (and I was feverish because of engorgement) but He didn't want any of it. In fact, he kept falling asleep while nursing and I requested for a pump so as to relieve the pain (and save some milk)but the nurses here didn't want to give it to me. They told me to hand express some out…WITHOUT SAVING MY LIQUID GOLD!!!

Which turned out to be a mistake because when they weighed him on day4 he was only 2.98kg and had lost more than 10% of his birthweight (he was 3.34kg). Then they panicked and gave me the pump and told me to feed him every 2hrs with expressed breastmilk (EBM).

In France they take nipple confusion seriously so I had to syringe the milk in instead of using a bottle. Also, there isn't a nursery so your newborn is inside your room 24/7. It's very DIY and the nurses don't help much…

(And no, it wasn't because it was my 3rd; other Sg mummies who gave birth said the exact same thing!)

So there I was, pumping whenever he was sleeping and having to force him awake to drink every 2hrs. The lowest point was about 4pm when I fed him and he puked up EVERYWHERE – on the bolster, bed and me, and I felt terrible because I wasn't doing a good job.

Thankfully the forced feeding worked and he was 3.1kg on day5 and we could leave the hospital! (In France it's a min stay of 5 days.)

I was so happy to be home! I didn't have a breastpump so I latched him frequently and thought that all was well. (I was discharged on Sunday and everything is closed here; the Husband went to the pharmacy on Mon and only got the pump on Tues, by which I thought it wasn't necessary…) it was only on Saturday when the midwife came and weighed him that I discovered he was losing weight!!! He was 3.01kg and had lost 90g instead of gaining.

I showed her how he was latching and she said it was ok, but Monday came and he was still losing weight (2.96kg) so we had to go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY.

It was traumatic because he had to be admitted for observation and they did lots of tests on him. (Blood tests and ultrasound) thankfully all came back clear and it all boiled down to the fact that he wasn't drinking well even though he was spending long hours drinking at my boobs…so I had to latch as well as pump again…

Thankfully, the pediatric nurses were a lot more helpful than the maternity ward's and they looked after Baby I while I performed my milk cow duties. The night nurse was very kind and helped feed him and let me sleep!

It was very hard pumping because I was only producing 30-50ml each time on monday and he was drinking between 40-60 so they had to mix in formula. I started downing nursing tea and my supply slowly crept up and I was able to match his demand.

He was discharged after 2 nights!

I was sent home and told to pump 5 times a day and latch him on at night. Thank God my MIL was here to pick up the slack and I could concentrate on pumping…

Currently, I'm down to 1 or 2 pumps a day, and he's latching well(ish). He's not a chubby baby like his sisters but I'm grateful that he's healthy (albeit with a tendency to Merlion like nobody's business…)

He still loves to fall asleep while latching though so I'm a human pacifier ):

A side benefit from all the pumping – the princess gets to enjoy mummy's milk again!

Breast is best

That's what keeps me going! As long as I have the supply and he's willing to drink ill squeeze out every bit of liquid gold…

End of story! Thanks for reading!

I love this! (Taken from Internet…)


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