I've decided to write about super pooper's birth story before it vanishes from my mummy brain!

No3 was due on 18 may and since my 2 older ones were born after their EDD I assumed he would be late as well! Perhaps he was more anxious to meet the world, he decided to make his appearance 11days early and kicked his way out of my womb! We were caught unprepared and had to bring the 2 girls to the hospital with us at 3am half asleep…

So anyway, I was half awake when I went to hospital and although my contractions were 4 mins apart, they varied in intensity so we couldn't gauge when active labor would happen.
Being the wimp that I am, I was all for an epidural but at the same time I was afraid that it would prolong my labour and the kids would wake up and kick a fuss (they were not allowed in the delivery ward and so were sleeping in the hospital room.) The very nice midwife suggested I sit on the exercise ball and bounce (:

I must say that giving birth in France is totally different from Sg. Maybe because of where we are at, the hospital is really quiet (apart from the screams of other delivering mothers haha) and the labour process is handled by midwives. Gynaes only step in if there is a complication or cesarean. So while I was bouncing on the ball, the midwife (Caroline) could talk to me and take me through some breathing exercises.

There's even an option of soaking in the tub to ease the contractions, although you can't give birth in the water! I was tempted to try it, but I wasn't mentally prepared and decided not to be "geh kiang"! So I just bounced on the ball and took deep gulps of the laughing gas…and thought to myself "hey this is quite bearable what"

So anyway, I went in at 3ish, bounced on the ball till abt 5 or 6 and then got hooked up to the monitors and a drip with a stronger painkiller and started active labour (ie dilated 10cm) about 715.
The labour without epidural was KILLER! Even though the Husband claims it was about 3 pushes and over quickly the whole process felt like an eternity!! I could feel the rip and the pushing was So.painful.and.endless. I had to push against the Husband's chest for each contraction…

The husband claims there were scratches on his chest, but the end result is so totally worth it! This little fella popped out at 730am, just 4hrs after we stepped into the hospital, and I was alert enough to carry him and start nursing! (Although once again, the stitching up part was a total pain…how come their anesthesia was so useless!?!)
I carried him for about 2 hours (all gooey and messy!) because they're big on skintoskin contact. He was crying on and off; a good set of lungs def!

So that's it! A very calm and uneventful birth!

For comparison purposes
The Queen's birth
41 weeks
16hrs 4am – 8?pm (I remember 爱 was showing in the background)

The Princess
40weeks and 1 day
7?hrs 2am – 9 something

Super pooper!
38 weeks
4hrs! 3ish – 730!
Al naturel (with gas and a drip!)

Hopefully the factory is closed haha!

#labourmoments #motherhood #birthstory #pregnancy

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